Productivity at the speed of voice

A Secure, Simple & fastest voice chat platform built for remote teams.

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Great teams use talkie

Great teams use Talkie

Quick communication

Communicate asynchronously in your voice without disturbing your existing workflow & keep in touch with tone and emotion through voice.

Efficient onboarding

Zero dashboard dependency, Just get your team structured in one place and communicate effortlessly.

Go live effortlessly

No more fumbling meeting links & slogging over text channels, Go live in a single click & transform your communication with screen share & notepad.

Secure and Personal

Talkie makes all audio recordings vanish after 24 hours & All audio recordings, user data, organization data, or analytics are encrypted-at-rest. We do this to ensure that all of the data is protected even when not actively in use.

Talk about showing customer love

Talkie gives an async way to meet & communicate across the day without disturbing workflow.

Viraj - Founder Vizard labs

This is going to be the future of communication, Bring it on.

Dheeraj Mahindrata - Founder - merge intern

Congratulations team at talkie for solving the problem in an efficient manner


No more meeting links, No more endless chatting. Great product

Amitesh singh - Product designer

Go Async…..

Cut your Zoom call to 50%

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