Make meetings a thing of the past.

Talkie is a virtual workspace for remote teams, Communicate effortlessly with quick & easy 1-click voice only collaboration.

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Skip long meetings

Unplanned interactions lead to important outcomes. Talkie helps you have short bursty conversations with 1-click audio chat, almost as if you’ve passed your teammate in the hallway.


Express with emotion & purpose

Save time & energy, send voice updates with real time transcriptions and keep in touch with your team & focus on the work that matters.


Spontaneous conversation.

No more waiting for people to join a meeting. You know exactly when and how many people have joined a conversation. No more waiting around.

You don't need to be a pro in HR or even in Homerun to be able to use it. It's so easy that anyone in the team can figure it out.


Isabel Machielse

Marketing Lead, Google

We are very happy with our decision to use Talkie Streaming. The results are beyond our expectations and, as a result, we are confident in Talkie in embracing video communications


Isabel Machielse

Marketing Lead, Google

Trusted by Top Companies to Communicate everyday.


Use Cases

Get on the same page, fast. Each space is loaded with collaborative surfaces so you can quickly take notes, capture to-dos, and share ideas.


Design Teams

Quick Brainstorming hurdles ? Start a conversation with teammates in one click  and use screen sharing to bring them up to speed. If you can’t connect in real-time.


Product Teams

When you’re mapping out roadmap priorities, the last thing you need are video feeds taking up your entire screen. Kick off a voice chat with stakeholders, share your screen, and enjoy Talkie’s lightweight audio bubbles as a sticky overlay as you focus on the task at hand – planning.


Leadership teams

Culture and Trust is all about communicating the company vision clearly and getting teams aligned. Founders & managers Join daily standups & all-hands updates and blast it out to the team or check in quickly and stay in touch with folks across the board.

Integrate your workflow with Talkie

Connect Talkie to the tools you love to make your meeting, management, and productivity workflows even better.
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